Buyer's Guide

Part 1. - Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is a fantastic solution for those who find it difficult to walk but do not require the use of a powerchair or wheelchair. They allow independence in a way no other piece of equipment really does, and there are literally hundreds on the market to choose from. From small scooters which will fold and split to fit into the car boot to full size 8mph maxi and off road scooters, purchasing a machine that meets the needs of the individual user is essential in order to get the most out of it.

Here we have put together a buyer's guide to mobility scooters in order to give you the most possible information while making your choice. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call one of our trained mobility advisors.

Portable Scooters (Boot Scooters)

Small, light & compact.
Portable scooters usually have a top speed of 4mph and are designed to split or fold down easily in order to allow for easy transportation. These scooters range from very small and lightweight to mid size machines which will take up to 25 stone. It is important to remember that smaller portable scooters can sometimes have less "all terrain" capabilities than their larger counterparts.


  Easy to get in and out of the car, take on trains, planes etc.
  Easy to store (can be split and stacked etc)
  Low 4mph top speed - most are small and very easy to control
  Perfect for days out and occasional use


  Limited range (average 10-12 miles)
  Limited terrain capabilities
  Legroom can be an issue for taller riders on some smaller models
  Seats can be less supportive/comfortable than larger scooters

Class 2 Pavement Scooters

Designed to be used every day. Limited to 4mph. Many include features such as suspension, front and rear lights, indicators and mirrors. Some also dissemble for transportation.


  Larger range (up to 30 miles on certain models)
  Great for every day use, very reliable
  Legal to use on the pavement (limited to 4mph)
  Lights, indicators & mirrors (most models).


  Limited portability (some models do dissemble for transportation - please see product descriptions)
  Limited terrain capabilities and fixed ride for certain models with no suspension
  No 8mph capability, cannot be used on the road.

Class 3 Road Scooters

Capable of 8mph, can be switched to 4mph limit for us on pavements. Front and rear lights and indicators, and most have full suspension. More suited to off road use and rough terrain than pavement scooters. Class 3 Road Scooters require road tax which can be obtained free of charge from the DVLA.


  Large range - up to 40 miles on certain models
  All terrain capabilities on certain models
  Great for every day use, very reliable
  Most feature full suspension & extra comfortable captain's seats
  Legal to use on the pavement when set to "4mph" mode
  Road legal when set to "8mph" mode
  Lights, indicators & mirrors (most models).


  Very limited portability due to larger batteries etc
  Physical size can be a factor for some users



Part 2. - Riser Recliner Chairs

Rise & Recline chairs are an increasingly popular and practical solution to an all too common problem for the disabled, people with minor mobility problems or those who just need a little help standing.

If you find it difficult to get up from your armchair, then a rise and recliner can make it very much easier.

Available with one or two motors, they allow you to recline the back and raise the leg rest, some to a full sleeping position if you wish. When you want to stand, a powered lift gently eases you back up to a standing position.

Our friendly and fully trained team strives to ensure that all products meet the needs of the end user. One size does not fit all when choosing a riser recliner lift chair; it is important to us that our valued customers are enabled to choose the product that is most suitable for them. When choosing your chair, it is often wise to consider a bespoke chair, tailor made to your requirements, especially if you suffer from certain medical conditions which require good posture is maintained.

We offer a fully bespoke chair design service. Our rise and recline chairs can all be handmade to your individual requirements. You will never experience more support and comfort from a chair until you have one hand made to your specifications. And it is not as expensive as you may think.


Choosing Your Chair

It is important to us that your chair is the best choice for the user, providing a practical and attractive solution to your needs. Different chairs are best suited to different needs. The mechanism, or "action", which you choose can make a big difference to the operation and suitability of your chair.

Types of mechanism

Single Motor : Chairs with a single motor are easy to use with simple controls. The reclining action and the lifting of the footrest happens simultaneously.

Dual Motor : Chairs with two motors have separate control of the reclining back and the footrest, allowing the user to find their most comfortable position.

Tilt-in-Space : These chairs tilt both the back and the seat simultaneously, maintaining a comfortable seated position, and raising the legs to the best position level with the heart.

Wall hugger : Designed to tilt from a close to wall starting position.


Standard Order :

We have a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ chairs can often be ordered for delivery in around 3 to 4 days. These chairs are kept in stock in a variety of sizes and fabrics and are perfect for someone who needs a bespoke chair height or width with fast delivery. If we have nothing available in your sizes in our warehouse or showrooms then our trained team will do their best to source a chair to meet your needs from our wide range of manufacturers.

  Variety of seat heights, widths and depths kept in stock
  Wide variety of styles and fabrics to choose from
  Fast Delivery (3-4 days from point of order)


Bespoke Order:

To ensure that our clients find a chair that is ideally suited to their needs, many chairs in our range can be made to measure with a huge range of options and fabrics available.
You choose your base design, sizes, fabric and options and we will build it for you. Please be aware bespoke orders take 4-6 weeks to be manufactured and delivered from the point of order.

Chair hand made to order to your specific requirements / design.
Huge variety of fabrics, mechanisms and options to choose from.

Choose your own seat height, depth, width, back height etc (contact us for free home fitting or see in store)
Custom options available such as tailored arm caps, antimaccassars, massage etc.

Express Order:

We have chosen our popular Rimini Classic design for our Luxury Express Chair. These chairs are hand built in the UK and can be delivered quickly, usually within 48 hours from point of order.

Our Luxury Express Chair is packed with comfort features

We have chosen our popular Rimini Classic design for our Luxury Express Chair. The Rimini comes with three deep waterfall back cushions that can be individually adjusted for your comfort. 

We have built our deluxe pocket sprung cushion into the chair giving you ultimate comfort.

The chair also comes with matching arm and headrest covers to protect the high wear areas of your chair.


The Single Motor Tilt in Space mechanism (dual motor also available) built into this chair ensures a constant back angle and a smooth, comfortable recline and rise motion for your chair.

Other design features include:

  • Tailored, fully upholstered scroll arm
  • Padded and upholstered wings
  • Side pocket and loop for handset
  • Full leg support is provided by a fixed chaise, seat and leg rest.   

Choose your chair in one of four rich colours, bringing warm and cosy comfort to your room:

  • Champagne
  • Moss
  • Cocoa
  • Wine
(Please contact us for a free fabric sample or see photos below)

The Luxury Express Chair comes in the following measurements: 

  • Seat Height 18" (46cm)
  • Seat Width 20" (51cm)
  • Seat Depth 20" (51cm).                                               

If you want to match your Express Chair with other furniture at a later date, there are two seater sofas, three seater sofas, fireside chairs and a footstool available to complement the Rimini Classic.

Express Rimini (available in single motor tilt in space or dual motor)

  Ultra fast delivery (Usually within 48hrs from point of order)
  Hand built in the UK by trained craftsmen - top quality guaranteed
  Tailored, fully upholstered scroll arm
  Padded and upholstered wings
  Side pocket and loop for handset
  Full leg support is provided by a fixed chaise, seat and leg rest.   

  High quality single motor tilt-in-space or dual motor mechanisms available


Delivery & Installation

Once we are happy that we have found the best chair for your purpose, we will order it for delivery to our showroom. Some chairs can be delivered within 3 days, whilst some bespoke or special orders may take 4-5 weeks, as they are hand crafted to order.  Once we have your chair we will unpack and check the order, and contact you to arrange delivery to your home, where we will install the chair and ensure that you are confident in its use before removing all packaging and leaving you hopefully with your feet up!